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a place for comic book creators (artists, inkers, writers, publishers, and others) to come and talk and make connections RSS Feed what is XML?

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Los Angeles
Hi there! Creator of the GN XD: Exit Demigods h...  topic
Web comic illustrator available  topic
Science Dimension 2010  topic
artist looking for work  topic
Escape from Detroit preview  topic
those-politicos-poster-Bb.gif  photo flag
Those Politicos  topic
Seeking Artist(s) for Web Comic  topic
Guy & Massey's Scientifical Adventures  topic
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  photo flag
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Sacramento comic creators make it to TOP 10 in ...  topic
The Background Revolution!  topic
Hi  topic
Good Measures is here!  topic
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Esperanta is here!  topic
Practice, practice, practice schedules and rout...  topic
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Website suggestions  topic
L.A. Comic Book Convention Pics  topic
Metric comics. For real!  topic
Los Angeles Comic Book & Science Fiction Conven...  topic

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